Click the links below to download Assessment & Enrolment Forms. Both of these enrolment forms need to be completed.



It’s very easy to enrol at VARDA - see the 3 easy steps below.


Step 1

After you have contacted VARDA our enrolment staff will arrange a time for you to meet with us. Consultations are face-to-face but where this is not possible consultations will be conducted by phone or email.

  Are you under 18 years of age?  If so, a parent or caregiver must attend the consultation with you.


Our aim when we meet is for us to find out more about you, discuss the course you’re interested in and understand your personal goals and objectives.  This is the best time for us to answer any questions you have.

It’s very important that we enrol you in the correct course based on your age, experience, interests and career aspirations.

We will take you on a tour of VARDA and show you the facilities and explain the courses in more detail.

You must bring your original Passport or Birth Certificate with you or provide us with a copy verified by a Court Registrar or Justice of the Peace.


Step 2

Once we’ve met you will need to read the ‘Details & Information’ sheet and complete an Enrolment Form. This is done at the same time as the consultation. Alternatively, you can complete your Enrolment Form at home and drop it in to us or send to:

389 Anglesea Street
PO Box 749
Hamilton 3204
Email: info@varda.co.nz 

You will also need to supply a verified Birth Certificate or Passport if you have not already done so.


Step 3

Once we have had a successful consultation with you and after we have received:

  • A completed Assessment Form
  • Confirmation you have read the ‘Details & Information’ sheet,
  • Completed Enrolment Form
  • Verified Birth Certificate or Passport

We will send you a Letter of Confirmation which contains a Formal Offer of Place on the appropriate course.   You must sign and return one copy of the ‘Offer of Place’.



 Attended a consultation
 Completed the Assessment Form
 Completed the Enrolment Form
 Provided a verified copy of my Birth Certificate or Passport (or have had this sighted and copied by VARDA.)
 Signed and returned a copy of my ‘offer of place’
 Applied for my Student Loan (if you are paying fees through Studylink)



Accepted only through a secondary school.
Speak with your advisor.



Accepted only through a HITO Sales and Liaison Manager.



Click the links below to download the International Student Prospectus and  Enrolment Application Form  



 Attached a verified copy my passport or birth certificate
 Attached a verified copy of my English proficiency test results
 Attached verified copies of any certificates awarded from any tertiary institute in New Zealand
 Attached a verified translation of my secondary school results
 Attached a verified copy of my tertiary study results
 Signed & dated the declaration section
 Attached is my $NZ250.00 pre-enrolment processing fee


“Varda is a great place to train. No need to be shy with awesome people to meet and hang out with. Great tutors that always make you feel welcome, I give Varda a 10 / 10 – I never want to take a day off!”

Chris Jager

“Varda gave me so much confidence in all aspects of hairdressing and barbering. I have left Varda knowing hairdressing is more than a job, it's a passion.”

Kendall Searle