Off-job Training

Off - Job Training

Welcome to VARDA Academy.  We trust you enjoy your learning experience with us.

Your HITO Sales and Training Team will advise the Off-Job Training attendance dates.

Barbering & Hairdressing Apprentices

Off-Job Training is for Hairdressing and Barbering Apprentices signed into a HITO training agreement. HITO arranges for you to come to the VARDA academy to complete the assessments of unit standards in your qualification.

Questions? Contact your HITO Sales and Liaison Manager by clicking here.

Varda wishes you a very warm welcome to Hamilton and to our Academy.


There are a range of accommodation options in Hamilton. This information is included in your information and agreement book. 

Payment of Fees

You will be invoiced directly by HITO for all costs excluding extra re-sits and product.

What to bring with you

  • Varda information and agreement book
  • ORIGINAL birth certificate or passport or a copy that has been verified by a Justice of the Peace or at your local courthouse
  • Training Record Book – signed and up to date.
  • You should bring your own personal equipment with you e.g.  Scissors, razors, combs, brushes, blow dryer and straighteners, clippers and your own preferred products for assessment.
  • Manufacturer’s instructions for all product other than Keune
  • Bring lunch if you do not want to buy it.

We will supply Keune product, tools, equipment and consumables

Special Needs

If you have a special learning need you must discuss this with your HITO STA.  They will make arrangements with us in order that we can meet this need for you. The use of a reader writer, one on one learning or any other suitable support can only be provided if we receive this request and all relevant information in a reasonable timeframe prior to your attendance with us.

The Varda team look forward to working with you.


Off-Job Training 2019

Dates TBC




This is your Bible.  It is your responsibility to ensure that the evidence you are collecting is signed by your employer/trainer prior to attending off job training.  You must bring your Training Record Book to Off-Job Training every day you attend.  You must look after your Training Record Book.  It is important that your collection of evidence is up to date.  You may not sit an Assessment for a task that does not have the required amount of evidence signed off.

If you have achieved Unit Standards on a full time Training Programme you will need to ask that Training Provider to sign off in your Training Record Book prior to the first day of Off-Job Training.

This collection of evidence is a VITAL part of the Assessment process.

  • Collection of evidence confirms tasks are being completed regularly in salon to the required standard.  This means working on different clients within stated timeframes and following the Hairdressers Health Regulations, Manufacturer’s Instructions, and Health &s Safety Requirements.
  • Collection of evidence confirms that the apprentice is ready for Assessment.  Evidence with a valid signature should decrease the need for re-assessment.
  • Once a task can be performed without assistance, the employer/trainer may sign the Evidence section of the Training Record Book.  Every box must be signed prior to assessment.
  • The Training Record Book must be bought each day that Off-Job Training is attended.
  • Instructions to the candidate for each unit standard expected to be achieved in a year,at the back of the Induction book.   Take time to read these instructions as they provide valuable information to collect valid evidence and achieve Assessment.

All evidence for all Assessments must be signed off in your Training Record Book prior to attending Block 2.

View here full Off-Job Training information.