Gateway Programme

Still at school? Artistic, creative and dreaming of a career in barbering, hairdressing or beauty?

These industries are an exciting place to be.  You have the opportunity to make people feel good!  What a great way to live!

Gateway students are introduced to this wonderful industry.  You may have always dreamed of becoming a hairdresser or just want to try it to see if it’s ‘you’.  This is a great way to start!

What will you learn?

Gateway students complete work experience in commercial salons and are assessed on relevant standards in hairdressing while still enrolled at school.  This is a fabulous programme for those who may be considering a career in hairdressing.  Enrolments are accepted through your secondary school.  Speak with the school Gateway Co-ordinator.

VARDA’s Gateway Programme is intended to be completed as a package and will complement the training you are receiving in your workplace salon.

VARDA has grouped together a number of interesting and very achievable Unit Standards completion.   VARDA also provides set days during the year for attendance to the Training Centre for instruction and assessment.


VARDA's next round of Gateway Sessions dates are yet to be confirmed.

Speak with your Career's Advisor if you are interested in attending.

Considering trying a short course in Hair and/or Make Up for 1-2 days – VARDA’s Star Programme is it!